December 2003 report for Yizkor Book Project #belarus

Joyce Field

The volunteers for the Yizkor Book Project wish all our readers a
very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Each month after I post our monthly report I receive numerous
requests asking whether there is a yizkor book for a particular town,
whether it has been translated, and where the original book can be
found. All these questions can be answered on our web site.

--If you want to know whether there is a yizkor book for a particular
town and which libraries have copies, the answer is available on our
yizkor book database,

--If you want to know whether a book has been translated, the answer
is available at the translations index page at

--If you want to know where you might purchase yizkor books, the
answer is available at

In December we put online 19 updates, 2 new entries, and one new
book. Remember that all the translations can be accessed at

New book:

-Rubiezewicze, Belarus

New entries:

-Pinkas HaKehillot Latvia: Vilyaka
-Pinkas HaKehillot Poland: Ciechanowiec


-Bedzin, Poland
-Brzeziny, Poland
-Byaroza, Belarus
-Gabin, Poland
-Gorodenka, Ukraine
-Krynki, Poland
-Lida, Belarus
-Molchadz, Belarus
-Novogrudok, Belarus
-Rakow, Belarus
-Rokiskis, Lithuania
-Shumskoye, Ukraine
-Sochaczew, Poland
-Sokoly, Poland
-Sosnowiec, Poland
-Volozhin, Belarus
-Wyszogrod, Poland
-Zaglembie, Poland
-Zloczew, Poland

There are many books yet to be translated, waiting only for an eager
volunteer to step up to coordinate the translation project. Our
Yizkor Book Project staff is available to help you through the
process. Please contact me if you are willing and able to coordinate
a translation project. Or, if you have Hebrew or Yiddish translation
skills, you might want to start by volunteering to translate a
chapter >from the Pinkas HaKehillot on your ancestral town.

Many of our projects are fundraising projects. You can help by
contributing money to pay to have these books professionally
translated. The current fundraising projects are listed at

Thanks again for all the help and support our readers have provided
to the Yizkor Book Project this past year.

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager
JewishGen, VP, Research

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