In Memory of our Martyrs - Ruzhinoy and Environs #belarus

Rose Feldman <rosef@...>

I wish to announce the completion of the transliteraton of the Martyrs from
Ruzhinoy and the surrounding area.
Great effort went into the preparation of this file of 2,780 martyrs in the
format requested by Yad Vashem.
In addition to the name of the person, where it was possible to deduce from
the list you will find additional information - the maiden name, sex,
marital status, father's name, mother's name, name of spouse , place of
residence, children and comments.
The settlelments >from the surrounding area are Liskovo, Kalazuby, Kolyany,
Sheypyak, Konstantynowo, Pavlova,
There is not a search engine on this page, so you will have to try to use
polish spellings of names.
I will be adding this web site to the Ruzhany shtetl site. If you have any
additional information, please contact me.
Ruzhany Belarus

Rose Feldman
Shalom and see you in Jerusalem!
The 24th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
July 4-9, 2004

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