Sara and Harriet LEVY 1930 NY Census - ***arienberg? #general

Alexandra Alznauer <petiealznauer@...>

On the 1930 Census for New York City, I am having trouble reading the town
of origin for the mother of Sara B. LEVY (daughter of Amelia SILVERBERG and
Rabbi Moses BLUME of Troy, NY).

Amelia, the mother, and her sister (Esther or Ernestine or - less likely,
Anna) was said to have been >from Poland on other records) Moses (Morris,
Moritz and sometimes BLUM instead of BLUME) was >from Posen, Prussia. Amelia
was Moses's second wife; her sister who died young leaving two small
daughters, was the first wife. I am descended >from Augusta Alexander, a
daughter of the first wife.

The census image online says "Germany" - then something illegible and then
what looks like "arienberg". It could be "Marienberg" but the first letter
looks more like an "S" than an "M".

If anyone with more experience reading bad handwriting on census forms could
help I would appreciate it.

Alexandra Alznauer
San Francisco, CA

ZILBERMAN/SILVERMAN, Girkalnis, Jurbarkas, Pasvintys, Pirigiai: KARP
(possibly GARB), YUDKOWSKY, Seredzius:, LEVIN-EPSTEIN, Girkalnis, Jonava,
Kursk, GOTTLIEB/GARFIELD, Kiev - Ukraine; LICHTENSTEIN, Chicago, UK, Long
Beach, CA

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