Re: I.O.F.S. of I. Progress Lodge in 1880 St. Louis #general


These initials stood for a fraternal organization-
Independent Order Free Sons of Israel
A Google search on "Independent Free Sons Israel St. Louis"
brings up several relevant sources of information.

David Rosen
Boston, MA.

Martin Fischer wrote:

When I was in St. Louis a few weeks ago, I started reading the
earliest St. Louis Jewish newspapers on microfilm in the St. Louis
County Library. The first thing of interest I found was in a column of
short items concerning local people in the Jewish Tribune of Jan. 16,
1880. It noted that

L. Kober (Louis KOBER) was the newly installed treasurer of the
I.O.F.S. of I. Progress Lodge.

I assume that this was either a Jewish fraternal group or a labor
union, but does anyone know what the full name and purpose of this
organization was?

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