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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

There have been many stories about Abraham Lincoln's origins which grew out of
opposition to him during various elections and the Civil War period as well as the
lack of information about him. It was speculated that he was a Black, a Jew, and
other things. These stories mainly focused on his mother Nancy Hanks whose
origins were cloudy.

Various records and stories have been brought forward attesting to the fact that
Nancy Hanks was actually illegitamate and that she then had an illegitamate child,
Abraham Lincoln. If this is true then it becomes doubly difficult to determine
the origins of Abraham Lincoln.

One of the most persistent rumors was that Abraham Lincoln was the son of John C.
Calhoun, well-known South Carolina politician, whom he looked like. Calhoun was a
frequent patron of a tavern where Nancy Hanks worked. Another that he was the son
of Abraham Enloe, a man who hired Nancy Hanks and then got her pregnant. In all
these accounts, the purported father paid Thomas Lincoln to take the pregnant
Nancy Hanks away and marry her.

All of this is further confused by the many women who were named Nancy Hanks who
abounded in those days, including one who was a relative of Lincoln's mother who
had an illegitamate child.

So, it may never be known what Lincoln's exact orgins were unless DNA testing is

Ann Rabinowitz

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