Re: Abe LINCOLN Update-Mordechai #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

Early English settlers in the US used a lot of biblical names. Every 'Old
Testament' name, it seems, was used. These names are still popular with the
fairly isolated 'hillbilly'/Appalachian communities. I know a woman who's
ancestors came >from West Virginia in the 1700's' she thinks they were Jewish
because one was named Reuben Israel. Like Mordechai, that is not proof of
religion or ethnic origin. Anyone might have any name - Moises Alou is not
Jewish, just because he is named Moses either.

Sally Bruckheimer
Chatham, NJ

"And, speaking empirically, have any of you ever heard of man named "Mordechai"
who was not Jewish? There seems to be no dispute among scholars that this really
was Lincoln's great-grandfather's name."

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