Nice, France death certificate #general

David Priever

Dear fellow Jewishgenners,

About two weeks ago I sent an email to one of the Jewish Genealogical
societies located in France. I have not yet received a response but in the
meantime, I must ask the following.

This is a little research for my Dad. He wants to locate someone he knew
during the war when he fought in the French Resistance. He only recalls the

Name: Col. Ismail ___________________ (?)
born 1900 in Cairo, Egypt.
was educated in Oxford University and was in the Egyptian Army.
was a nephew to King Farouk of Egypt.
Died in Nice, France in 1945.

1-I have emailed to Oxford University. They were unable to help me.

2-I have contacted the Local History and Genealogy Division of the NYPL and
am awaiting a reply >from them.

3-I have checked the NY Times Proquest and have found nothing with the
scanty information I have.

Any help or idea that could be provided will be greatly appreciated.

Anyone in France may respond to this email in French. I will pass it on to
my father.

Thank you very much in advance.


David Priever

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