Immigrants from Poland who returned #general

Neiel and Joan Baronberg <njbaron@...>

One more reason an immigrant to the U.S. returned to Poland:
Nathan Okon, a landsman of my grandparents, went back to Galicia (then
Poland) in the 1930s. He visited his hometown of Suchostaw and his wife's
nearby hometown. Happily for us, he filmed his trip, starting with the
crossAtlantic voyage and including much footage of the town and people of
the two shtetls. He left an incredibly valuable film for all of us. The film
was found by a cousin of mine and transferred to VHS and then donated to the
Museum in NYC.

The original question mentioned a photo taken in 1920. Going back to Poland
after WWI, when conditions there were so miserable, raises questions that no
one has addressed specifically so far.

Joan Baronberg, Denver, CO
Suchostaw, Slobodka bei Strusow, Ukraine

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