Kahn / Cahn in Offenbach am Main #general

Hanna Goldmann

To whom it concerns

Akiva KAHN b: 1768, d: 1859 in Offenbach am Main after
18th February, 1816 II m: to Hannah (Hannche) Berge b:
1781, d: 1829

Daughter Ranche b: 4th March, 1807
Daughter Edel b: 26th May, 1808
Daughter Hanche b: 24th October, 1809
Son Koppel b: 22nd March, 1811
Son Ruben b: 3rd October, 1812
Daughter Carolina b: 22nd May, 1814
Daughter Fany b: 9th July, 1817
Son Abraham, called Adolph b: 9th September, 1819, m:
to Bertha Hanau on the 21st December, 1845, parents of
Ottilie Cahn
Son Moses b: 22nd January, 1822
Son Nathan b: 1st August, 1823, all in Offenbach am


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