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Alexander Sharon

Graham Lewis wrote

I have the UK naturalization certificate (dated 1890)
for Moses ROSENBERG, my wife's gggf, son of Abraham
and Rachel ROSENBERG.

The naturalization certificate says that Moses was "a
Native of Russian Poland, having been born at

Can anyone help me: where is this Valkovisk ?

Shtetlseeker gives dozens of possible answers
including 15 in Poland alone. I have no other clues.

"Valkovisk", also known in the past as Volkovysk (Russian spelling) and
Wolkowysk (Polish spelling) is located in Belarus and its modern Belarussian
name is Vawkavysk at 5309 2427. Town had over 5,000 Jewish residents prior
to WWII and was located in Bialystok region.

JGFF lists 227 entries for this shtetl (under the Russian era town spelling:
Volkovysk) and amongst them there is also your entry made by for surname
Rosenberg on March 22.

JGFF database system automatically converts corrupted towns versions names
e.g. "Valkovisk" to the proper one.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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