Re: Where is Ariopol? #general

Alexander Sharon

"Philip Belkin" wrote

My grandfather's place of residence, as listed in the Hamburg
Passenger List is Ariopol, Russland.

Does anyone know where in Russia is a place named Ariopol?

When he arrived at Ellis Island his place of origin was recorded as
Krasch, Russia.

I have not been able to find, so far, any reference to Ariopol or
Krasch on the internet.

"Ariopol" appers to me as Annapol (also known as Anapol and Rachow-Annopol).
"Krasch" is most probably Krasnik, spell. [krah shnik], nearby larger town
located 16 miles distance >from Annapol.

Both towns (located in Imperial Russia Lublin Guberniya) had a large Jewish
population. Availabe on line JRI-P five marriage records for Annopol show
close family relations between those two towns. A curious is the detail that
all five grooms were >from Krasnik and all five Yiddishe maiden were >from

BTW, both towns were located on the on the Russian - Galicia (Austria)
border which are close to the researched by you shtetls of Rozwadow and
Tarnobrzeg (about 20 miles distance >from Krasnik).

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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