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Maybe somebody can help: For a long time I have been trying to find if
there is anybody left that maybe knew my father Aron LEWKOWICZ,dob:1914,
Czenstochau,Polen. Brothers that survived the Holocaust with him were
David Lewkowicz, dob: 1924, Czenstochau,Polen. And Herschel Lewkowicz,
dob: 1912, Czenstochau, Polen. His parents (my grandparents) name were
Abraham Lewkowicz, dob:1877,and Laja Lewkowicz,dob:1885,maiden name was
WARSHAWSKI. Befor the war started my father was married to his childhood
sweetheart, her name was Jadzia FUCHS, speeling may not be correct. Her
birthdate may have been 1915. When the Germans moved into Czenstochau
she was pregnant with their first child. She was killed in Treblinka
along with the rest of the family. After the war my father married my
mother Rachel Blima CYMBALISTA,dob:1922,in Rakow, Polen. I can find no
information on her family either. Fathers name was Moshe and Rifka
Cymbalista, (my grandparents) maiden name GOLDMAN, dob: was 1895.For
month I have been trying to find somebody or something or any kind of
information if somebody maybe knew of my family or my fathers first wife.
There is no information about her no family no nothing. But she was alife
and somebody may have known her. Thank you very much
Laja Rifka Thomas
(searching for info on Lewkowicz/Cymbalista/Goldman)

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