Searching: GASPARIC Charley , Aus-Hun->NY 1892 #general

Nathan Paul Gasparac <npgasp2@...>

My grandfather Gasparic charley came >from the Aus-Hun empire he left
between 1892 and 1898. He came with a list of others all were listed
as woodsmen. I have a shortned list of names and birth dates. I need
help finding his home town. Any other data would be of great help

RUZIE Frank sep 1859 age 25 male
GASPARIC Charley Mar 1855 age 45 male
OSVALT Joseph Mar 1858 age 42 male
KOVAC Juro apr 1856 age 44 male
KRIZ Charley jun 1874 age 25 male
FRANICO Franc mar 1871 age 29 male
OBLAK Peter jun 1872 age 27male

Thank you for your time!!

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