Town Names at Ellis Island #general

Barbara Zimmer <bravo.zulu@...>

Alexander Sharon wrote: There is no question that Ellis Island scribes have
distorted many shtetls names but at least they have managed to write the first
letter of the town name correct.

To that I add, "Yes, but" >from personal experience. My grandfather Jacob ZIMMER
came through Ellis Island at least twice. On one of those occassions, his name was
written with the script Z (the kind of Z that goes beneath the line), but the name
of the town Zborow was written with what I call the "Zorro Z" - three broad
strokes. When this information was transcribed it was erroneously determined that
he came >from Ilvorow (with an initial I and then an L) because that is what is
looks like. Moral: even if the town **were spelled correctly, it might have
been read incorrectly.

Barbara Zimmer

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