Kamaments Podolskiy #general

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Hello. I'd like to speak with anyone who has recently (within the past 5 yrs) been
to Kamaments Podolskiy nr Kiev, Ukraine on a ancestry research trip.

I've been in contact with the archives and am saddened that so many records have
been lost in the fire and that others will never be made available to the public

I am interested to know if those who have been to kamaments have taken photos of
whatever jewish cemetaries (& all remaining tombstones) exist. I am trying to
locate my great great great great (4 greats) grandparents who came >from kamaments
and any of their siblings. The surnames involved are SIROTA/SEROTA and Trontz.
Thank you for your help - I already looked through all available databases on

Cindy Rosengarten, London (Surrey) England UK
Originally >from NJ USA
Researching: Trontz, Sirota, Rudnitzky, Slonin, Pomarlen

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