Naturalizations Records at Kew - Assistance #general

Hilary Henkin <hilary@...>

Dear fellow researchers,
"Nu, What's Nu" ezine recently mentioned that the London Gazette has been
digitized and put online, for 1900 - 1979. They published legal notices,
including naturalizations. The issues are fully text-searchable.

I found two men who may be relatives, and would like to get copies of their
naturalization papers.

According to the JewishGenInfoFile (yes, some of us do check them before
posting!), those records are at the Public Records Office at Kew. Also according
to the InfoFile, the Office doesn't do requests by mail; you must go there.

If anyone's planning to go there sometime soon, and might have a little bit of
time, could you check these two records for me? I have the exact dates of
naturalization (in 1926 and 1932) and the surname is rare, so the search shouldn't
be difficult.

I will of course pay for out-of-pocket expenses, and/or offer reciprocal research.

Hilary Henkin
Atlanta, Georgia

PS - if there's a way for me to do this myself, I'd be glad to know the procedure
--. If you want to check the Gazette, the link is:
<>. Under the
heading, "Full Archive" click on <Search Archive>.

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