Seeking: LICHTENSTEIN from Bialystok, Poland #general

Karina <holthoffk@...>

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am the great grand daughter of Jacob LICHTENSTEIN and Gnendel RACZKOWSKA >from
Bialystok, Poland now (previously Russia). I am looking for further information
and hopefully a family tree.

Jacob LICHTENSTEIN - Abt 1873 - Bialystok, Poland
Gnendel RACZKOWSKA - Abt 1873/4 - Bialystok , Poland

My grandmother, (Fanja) Fanny Rosa LICHTENSTEIN was born 20 April 1896 in
Bialystok , Poland.

Do you have any records of this family? My grandmother had brothers and sisters:

Simon (Shemon)

Looking forward hearing >from you.

Kind regards
Karina Holthoff
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