Seeking: Dvora GLASER #general

arie meir

Hi to all of you

Looking for my aunt Dvora Jeanty GLASER who was born in Przemysl in 1927 to her
father Chaim GLASER (who was my grandfather) and to her mother Rachela, whose
former name was STOLZBERG. They married in Przemysl in 1926.

Chaim GLASER was previously married to my grandmother Chaia-Helena. Her former
name was MONDERER.

They got married in Vienna and had three children. One of them was Cilli Glaser
MAYER, who was my mother. Chaim Glaser divorced my grandmother in the early
twenties, left Vienna and moved to Przemysl, where he married Rachela and had this
one daughter, I am looking for. The last time my family heard >from them was in
1939, a short time before World War Two broke out. If anyone has information on
what happened to my grandfather and his daughter please let me know .

Arieh Mayer
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