ViewMate - Recognition of People & Translation from Russian #general

Eliana Aizim

Dear Genners,
I have posted four photos at ViewMate. These are the direct URLs:
I hope someone might be able to recognize this lost branch of my family, either
AISIN(& variations) or GUREVICH (or GUREFF?). They lived originally in
Yekaterinoslav Gubernia, Ukraine. The two photos were taken in aprox. 1935, maybe
in Philadelphia.
She is Mania ABRAMOVICH, my father´s cousin, born aprox. in 1895, and lived in
Lugansk, Yekaterinoslav Gubernia, Ukraine. She´s related to my family either by
the AISINs or the GUREVICHs. Do you recognize her? Do you know her descendents?
On the back side of this photo there´s an inscription in Russian. See next VM.
I would like to ask for a translation >from Russian. It´s an inscription on the
back side of the photo of Mania Abramovich, in the previous VM.

Please respond privately to me at:
Thanks very much for any help you can give me.

Eliana Aizim
from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
see photo album:

AISEN, AIZEN, AISIN: Ukraine /Argentina / Brazil;
GUREVICH: Ukraine / USA;
VATNICK, VAITMAN, WHITE: Ukraine / Canada / Brazil;
AVERBUCH: Ukraine / Brazil.

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