Re: Czar's Army & Czarina's Guard Records? #general

Jules Levin

At 10:54 AM 3/29/2005, you wrote:
I'm wondering if a register of the Jews who were in the Czar's army exists, and
if yes where I could find it.
After leaving he became a station master in Garwolin. Much later, when already he
had children, he was attacked by Cossacks, but their chief told them to leave him
alone. It is not clear if they knew each other, or if the chief was impressed by
his medals. He died in July 1939 in Garwolin.
Does anyone know at what age the people started the army at that time?
It would help me situate his birth year.
Claire Sztern, Paris, France
I also would like to know this. Perhaps we should contact Prof
Stanislawsky at Harvard, who wrote Tsar Nicholas I and the Jews: The
Transformation of Jewish Society in Russia, 1825-1855 (Jewish Publication
Society, 1983). This deals with the induction policy that was so traumatic
in so many ways for the Jewish community. Unfortunately I have seen little
about the Jews who took to military life, distinguished themselves, and
received local gov't appointments upon discharge, as your ancestor
did. They were allowed, inter alia, to keep their side arms, and my
mggfather at least, used his to quell a minor anti-Jewish incident in his
village. Does anyone know what has been written, in English or Russian (or
?) on the tough 19th Century Jews who survived 15 or 20 years of harsh
military service, remained unconverted, and returned to their villages, or
settled outside the Pale (as they were permitted to do) and sent home for
brides? This was the start of the Jewish community of Finland, where my
mggmother was born.
Jules Levin

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