Re: Kitchener Internment Camp for Jews in Kent #general


On Mar. 29, 05, Chantal Auerbach ( wrote:

<< Would anyone be able to tell me if there is any resource that one can go to, to
find details of internees at the above camp? >>

I have done various searches via the internet and I have drawn a blank.

I did a very quick google search using the terms "Kitchener Kent Jews" and
almost instantly turned up:

where it says that in the Special Collections of the University of
Southhampton there are copies of the "Kitcherner Camp Review," the Journal of the
Kitchener Camp for Refugees at Richborough, near Sandwich, Kent, March-November

The listings at the above Southampton Library's special collections website
also show that there are quite a few documents, letters, etc., concerning
Jews, although the entry for the Kitchchener camp doesn't specify "Jews" but only

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