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Hello !

I'm wondering if a register of the Jews who were in the Czar's army exists, and
if yes where I could find it.
This name for the Russian army is the result of the difficulty of immigrants
with the English (or French) language, and therfore with translation >from
Russian. The name of the organization is "Tsarskaya Armiya", "Imperial
Army"; One would not call the French Army "the Presidents Army", it is the
Army of the Republic.

The answer to your question is "No". Some years ago, I tried the same tack
of investigation about my own grandfather. Fortunately, I was able to ask an
acquaintance who is a grandson of Nikita Khrushchev, and who inquired of
family friends who are retired officers of the Red Army; I think the answer
I got is authoritative. Records of enlisted men, i.e. not officers, were
spotty or non-existent. Whatever existed was destroyed, inadvertently or
otherwise, in the course of the October Revolution.

I don't know about the Tsaritsa's guard specifically. It was part of the
Imperial Army, and the same answer probably works for it too.
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