Rt One -McClellan Street Cemeteries, NJ #general


I have a few relatives in theses cemeteries. I spoke the office this morning
and they told me to fax my requests. I tried many times but it was busy.
Does anyone have a map or looking for the same people there...
Krinzman, Abe, Thomas, Nate.
This is very interesting my ffff (g-g-g-grandfather)we thought never came
to America know someone tells me he is in this cemetery with his wife. The
thing is his last name is either SHAPIRO or GETZEL(L) or both. His first name
is Solomon or Zalman Velvel and her name Rachel or Rebecca.
They might be near a Beatie LEVENSON KLEINER or Ida born 1880 and or Jacob

Gomel chesed Frank Munitz born 1887
I am thinking no matter to go Sunday. So whatever clues I get would help.

Yoni Shapiro

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