Redemption of Jewish Colonial Trust Certificates #general


I would appreciate learning about the experiences Jewishgenners have had in
attempting to redeem their relatives' old Jewish Colonial Trust Certificates.
Probably anyone who wishes to respond should do so in a private email.

I have started making claims to some certificates which I believe were purchased
by some of my long-deceased relatives. I am not sure whether the names I was told
of by the JCT and those I found at the JCT website are those of my relatives, but
without more information >from the JCT, I cannot be sure, and do not want to claim
money to which I may not be entitled.

I have some questions as to how complicated it is to cash them in. (I need the

How closely related does one have to be to the persons whose names are on
certificates? Is there any way of finding out the full name of the person on the

Are the dates, names and addresses of the purchasers entered on the certificates
themselves, or were they entered in some ledger? I assume that preference given to
claimants who are next-of kin, but would a claim of "nearest of kin" suffice when
all known relatives are dead, left left no issue? Is nearest-of-kin determined
exclusively through a blood relationship to the purchaser even though he or she
may be demonstrably a cousin? May a "nearest of kin" claim be based on one's
blood relative's marriage into another family where there are no known survivors?.
What proofs of death and kinship must one present to the Jewish Colonial Trust,

One Jewishgenner wrote to this group that when he contacted the JCT she was told
that her relative had bought certificates in different years. But so far, my
contacts with the JCT have not been so enlightening, even though recently a JCT
representative took the trouble as assumed the expense of telephoning me but our
conversation was very brief, as have been the JCT's emails. and I did not think
quickly of all the questions I wanted to ask, nor question him on one of his
statements. Before I write another email to the JCT I would like to be better
prepared than I was when the JCT first contacted me, when I responded, and when I
spoke to the representative on the telephone.

Naomi Fatouros (nee FELDMAN)
Bloomington, Indiana
BELKOWSKY,BIELKOWSKY, BILKOWSKI, Odessa,St. Petersburg,Berdichev, Kiev;
SCHUTZ, RETTIG, WAHL, Shcherets;LEVY, WEIL, Mulhouse; SAS/SASS,Podwolochisk;
RAPOPORT, Tarnopol, Podwolochisk, Radomysl?; BEHAM, Salok, Kharkov; WOLPIANSKY,
MODERATOR NOTE: Naomi has wisely requested private responses. Perhaps Naomi can
post a summary of what she learns to the group.

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