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Dear All,

Two of my grandfather's siblings arrived in NYC on a later voyage (December 1913)
of the Vaderland. As a result, I did some research on the ship.

The Vaderland was a sister ship of the Zeeland and belonged to the Red Star Line.
Her first voyage was in 1900, sailing >from Antwerp to NYC. When WWI started, the
ship was at sea and wehn she arrived in NY several days later, she went into White
Star's service. She returned to Southampton in September 1914. After several more
voyates on different lines, she became a troopship in 1915 and was renamed
SOUTHLAND. (The original name was Dutch, but it was too German-sounding for a
British ship.)

In September 1915, the ship was torpedoed in the Aegean. In August, 1916, she was
returned to White Star and carried troops eastbound and passengers westbound. On
June 4, 1917, while en route >from Liverpool to Philadelphia, she was torpedoed
twice and sank off the coast of Ireland. There were four fatalities (crew

This is >from something that was sent to me by someone whom I unfortunately do not
remember his name. I believe that I might also have a picture of the ship, if
someone is interested.

If I remember correctly, there is a site called Immigrant ships and I used the
"contact us" button to ask someone if they could help me with information about
the ship and that is how I found out that the Vaderland was renamed Southland,
etc. And then, of course, I was able to find the manifest on the Ellis Island

Hope this helps.
Sherry Kisos

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