Correct Harbour, Correct Date..but the Wrong Ship #general

robert roudman <rcroudman@...>

As to the specific problem... one Isidore KATZ born 1889 and arriving on the
Vaderland on August 4, or 10th, 1908.... home town Pultask, Poland (information
from citizenship papers) and said to be with his mother. The poster couldn't find
the person on the Ellis Island site, and hypothesized a missing manifest.

So...first I went to Steve Morse's One Joel Weintraub
Joel, I came up with the same names Kas for Katz, but I did it a bit differently.
All of your recommendations are excellent. I will only add that I look at ships
voyage logs first, then after verifying that a ship with a specific name actually
docked at a specific place and time then I will proceed with the Morris one step
Jewish passenger search. My grandfather stated not once but twice that he arrived
in Boston aboard the Kaiser Wilhelm on the same exact day that his wife's brother
arrived on the Ivernia. (this brother in law was never in this country)(I also
checked Morse Ellis Island search for my grandfather..the Wilhelm never docked
even close to the date he said he had arrived on) It threw me for a time until I
determined >from the Wilhelm schedule that it never ever sailed into Boston...only
New York. It turns out that my grandfather had used his brother in law's name to
enter the country..because another brother in law was here already or he was
avoiding the Russian draft. Had the authorities checked on the Kaiser Wilhelm when
my grandfather declared he would have had some explaining to do.
Bob Roudman
San Rafael

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