Mizrachi Migration to Poland? #general

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I was just doing some casual research into the arabic surname Nagi, by typing
"surname nagi" into google to find out a bit about it. 4 of the first 5 links
returned explained a little about the middle easter/asian origins of the name,
then after flipping through the pages to page 3 my eye was caught by a link to
JRI-Poland (something i hadn't expected), doing a quick search turned up several
people with the surname Nagi in poland. I found a definition of the name to mean
"friend" in arabic, given that this is not a religious name is it possible that
the Nagis in the JRI poland database are Mizrahi jews who had migrated to poland
or is there a simpler explanation to this. I am often amazed when looking through
viewmate at how middle eastern some of the subjects of the polish photos look, but
always put this down to some quality of the black and white image.

I'd be interested to get some opinions - was there much movement of people in the
last 200 years between the Mizrahi and Ashkenazi world (perhaps via the Ottoman


Ben Forman

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