Rich Lady Relative Smoked Marijuana? #general

yoni shaprio <shapie@...>

This week I got to relatives together to meet each other and I learned many things
about the family. One of the things they mentioned a certain relative smoked
marijuana. When I heard this cou;ld not berlive this. Since elementary school I
have been very again smoking "regular" cigarettes how much more so against drugs.
Both of my relatives she would go into to the bathroom ,locked the door, and smoke
up. I mentioned to a woman in her 70's . She told me if the woman was rich she was
able to control herself to one cig. a day and that was excepted in those days.
Drug awareness is a relatively new think....
If some can help me put some light on this matter. If it helps any this
happened about 1920-40 in Nj-NY area. She was >from Baliystok.

Yoni Shapiro
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