Saul BELLOW, son of Abraham BELLOWS of Vilna #general


In all of the many obituaries printed today of Nobel-prizing winning author
Saul BELLOW, I did not see the following facts, which I have read over the years.
I share them here with the goal of assisting other JewishGen participants.

The "Book Review" Section of the Sunday "New York Times" had published a monograph
on Bellow a few years back. In that piece, the reporter had stated that Bellow's
parents had come to North America >from Vilna. That reporter further stated that
Bellow was the youngest of eight children, and that his parents had emigrated,
with their children, while his mother was pregnant with him; that Saul almost was
born in Vilna himself.

In one of today's obituaries, this same newspaper said that he was one of four

And the same obituary also reported that his parents first had settled in Canada
after arriving in North America, where his father, "Abraham," worked as a
bootlegger. Eventually, as is well-known, the Bellow family moved to Chicago.
Saul's mother's first name was given here as "Liza."

Finally, this obituary said that, at birth, his name had been Solomon BELLOWS.

Obviously, if any of this information strikes another Genner as significant, that
person should do further research on his or her own behalf. I am not
representing any of these facts as true, simply reporting what I have read; I have
not done any original research on the topic.

Judy Segal
New York City

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