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Fern Ward <FRWard@...>

I'm hoping someone can help me with a Hungarian translation of a letter
written in 1926 >from Maramaros-Szighet to relatives in Brooklyn NY. I think
this letter was written by my great-grandmother to my grandfather and I'm
hoping to glean a last bit of family information >from this letter.
Apparently there was a family fight going on (I'm airing our 80-year old
dirty laundry on the internet) and I'm really hoping to find out the why's
and where's of this fight and why my grandparents never acknowledged having
any other relatives.

The letter is a 3-pager, listed on in the "To View" section under the
following viewmates:
VM 5857, VM 5858, VM 5859.

Please reply privately to

Thank you!
Fern Ward

Searching for: ZELMANOVICS, ZELMANOVITZ (Maramaros Szighet) KATZ (Budapest)

MODERATOR NOTE: The direct URLs of the images are
A portion of the text is in German.

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