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<<in a marriage certificate >from Prague in 1793 Elias Pohl married SARA FILIP
KATZ >from JENICHOF. Beystand (witnesses) at this wedding were Wolf Ties and

<< In the Familiant for Elias Pohl his wife is given as SARA LIPPMANN PHILIP.
In the 1794 Jewish Census Elias Pohl and his wife live in house number 157.
In the house there is also a NATHAN PHILIP, as well as two other people from

<< I have seen the names change >from LIPPMANN to PHILIP. BUT not the
out of a family name like in this case KATZ. What might be the reason for
different names? >>

==Let me try. For starters, this was a time when fixed surnames were being
introduced. The system would still have been in some flux.

==Sara Filip is named according to the older style, first her personal name,
by the father's personal name, Filip/Philip was apparently a Kohen, so on
marriage certificate (do you mean the Hebrew-Aramaic contract known as a
that would be indicated. It could have been noted in the customary form,
Katz is an acronym name for Kohen.

==Nathan is known as Nathan Jenichov because Nathan is >from out of town,
Nathan of

==Lippmann (alternate forms are Liebman, Lieberman, Lippe) is a kinnuy for
and for Elazar (and a few other names). I assume Elias was short for either
Eli'ezer or
for Elazar. A married woman under the old system, used her name followed by
husband's, so the Lippmann would be appropriate here. For one reason or
she added also her father's name. Be thankful she didn't add JENICHOF for
good measure,

Michael Bernet, New York
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