Re: Boarding in Liverpool enroute from Odessa to NYC #general

Dream Builder <dreambuilder@...>

I don't know why, but there seems to be confusion about my original post. I
have received a number of replies as though I were asking how my ancestors
left Liverpool. I am well aware that they left in a ship >from the docks, I
even know the ship they sailed on and the date as well as that they went to
the port of Philadelphia and the date they arrived.

What I was inquiring about is that if they had to stay in Liverpool for a
short time before the ship sailed and HIAS was helping them to emigrate, was
there a specific boarding house that HIAS might have had arrangements with
for immigrants they were helping to stay in and would there be records for
such a place?

Thank you Shelli for the link to the records of the Poor Jews' Temporary

My ZAYDELMAN / ZEIDELMAN family is supposed to have traveled on a train >from
Kishinev, Moldova through Austria-Hungary. I am still seeking to prove this.
I don't know how far they would have traveled on the train, but they
definitely sailed >from Liverpool to Philadelphia. If anyone has information
about train routes >from Kishinev going west in 1905-1907, I would appreciate
such information.

Vicki Ina Friedman
Ball Ground, GA, USA

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