Request for photographs (2) in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY #general

Merle Kastner <merlek@...>

Dear Genners:
We are 3 genealogists who are looking for photos of
2 tombstones in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn.

Would some kind person mind very much doing this
for us? (the specifics are listed below) We would
be very grateful for this favor.
Both burials are in Washington Cemetery, 5400 Bay Parkway
at MacDonald Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Tel: 718.377.8690 (spoke to Mike)

SIDRANSKY, Israel - buried:
Cemetery 3, Post 309, Row 7, Grave 11 (died Feb. 4, 1917, buried on Feb. 5, 1917,
age: 28 yrs.)

SIDRANSKY, Wolf - buried:
Cemetery 4, Post 413, Row 4, Grave 20 (died Jan. 10, 1927, age: ~78 yrs.)
With sincerest thanks.
*Please respond privately to:
Merle Kastner & Bob Sydansk
Montreal, Canada & Littleton, CO
SIDRANSKY/SIDANSKY, Suwalki gub., Poland/Lithuania
KASTNER & OSTFELD, Radauti, Bukovina;
NATHANSON & MENDELSSOHN, Piatra Neamt, Negulesti, Falticeni, Romania;
New York, NY;
KUSSNER, Bendery, Bessarabia/Moldova, Philadelphia, PA;
MILLER/SZCZUCZYNSKI, Lida, Vilnius, Lithuania/Belarus, Philadelphia, PA.

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