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Rob Weisskirch <rob_weisskirch@...>


Since you have an exact date of death, you might want to request >from the
Registro Civil in Buenos Aires, a Certificada de Difuncion (essentially a
death certificate). These can be invaluable in that they often include the
paternal and maternal grandparents' names.

Rob Weisskirch

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"Elaine Bush" < > wrote:

After matching up names, a date of death as written on a gravestone in
Buenos Aires, and a birth date on US census records, it appears that a
relative of mine moved >from New York to Argentina (somewhere between
1900 and 1930!).

"Sarah / Sophie REST de SCHVARTZ, daughter of Yaakov," was buried in
Tablada cemetery in 1953 at the age of 63.
Sarah REST is listed on the 1900 US census records of New York, born
1894, the daughter of Jacob. ( I know that there is a discrepancy of 4

It is possible, I suppose that there was another Sarah REST, born
approximately the same time, and the daughter of Jacob, but for now I'm
going on the guess that this is the same person. Does anyone have any
experience relatives immigrating to Argentina >from the United States?

Elaine Bush
Pleasant Hill, CA

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