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Nathan Reiss <nreiss@...>

Alan Schuchat writes:

Grisha is the Russian diminutive of Gregor.
and Benzy Shani writes:

At one point or another in his life, just about every Grigori
in the Russian-speaking world has been referred to as Grisha;
every Aleksander Sasha; every Mikhail Misha; every Maria Masha....

It's important to recognize that while Grisha may be used as a diminutive of
Gregor and Sasha as a diminutive of Aleksander, the same diminutives are
also commonly used for other names that have some of the same consonants
and/or vowels in them. For example, Grisha can also be a diminutive for
Georgi. Sasha can be a diminutive for a particularly large variety of names,
both male and female, containing an "sa" sound, including Samuel, Salomon,
Sarah, etc.

Since the original query was "what the Yiddish and English equivalents might
be", it's important to add that while there are some preferred candidates,
there is no unique answer.

Nathan Reiss
Highland Park, NJ

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