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When my mother, Blima LEWKOWICZ (CYMBALISTA) died in
2001, I cleared her papers and found a letter >from
Leon EDBERG >from LA, California. Remembering the
stories my mother told me, I believe he was her cousin
from Rakow, Polen, I searched, made calls and found
his phone number and called him. We spoke for almost
one hour. My jidisch is not so good and his english
was not so great either, plus he had to tell his wife
everything we spoke so it was a bit of a hard to
explain converstation, still it was nice. But we
spoke, and I was not sure if he really believed who I
was, but he remembered that we live in Germany. I made
sure that he knew that I was not interested in
financial help or that I needed any money or help from
him. So we ended our converstation with his request
that I please sent him a letter with all the
information I had >from my mother and our family. He
told me he had a son and I believe two grandchildren
and that they were raised very jewish. He was a bit
disapointed when I told him I was not. I did sent him
a large letter with all the information he wanted of
my mother and of course of me and my family. I never
heard of him again. I do not have his address anymore
since we moved stuff around it got lost. He was an
older man and not really healthy. All I really wanted
was to know if he had any pictures of my mother or her
family when she was a child or teen in Polen. It seems
when I do find family that survived the Holocaust they
really dont want to be bothered. I did also find my
mothers half sister family in Toronto, Can. Her name
was Rosa GROSSMAN. She also has pasted away and so
have her two sons. But the wife of one of the sons is
still alife. I spoke with her also on the phone. I do
understand that she does not have any interest in me
after all those years of my mother not writing but all
I wanted >from her was pictures so I can show my
children that we/they had a family at one time. I
guess it was not so smart an idea nobody really wants
to be bothered. I am still hoping to find out if
anybody knew of a Hinda GILTER, her parents were Pola
and Josef GILTER, bother deceased. They lived in
Kirjat Mockin, Israel. Hinda may be living in an home
for the mental or sick people.
For any help or info thank you very much
Laja Thomas

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