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robert roudman <rcroudman@...>

My father in law received 5 Bronze Stars for combat in World War II.
Unfortunately, I did not discover this until I located his Army papers
long after his passing. He never spoke a word of these awards. Noting
that many service records burned in 1970, is there another location in
which military honors were recorded? I would like to get the when, where
and how of his awards.

Edward Stern
I would also like to know about this. My uncle was shot in the tear duct a
few days before 11/11 1918, on the Western Front, and was on disability for
the wound the rest of his life, but he claimed he never got any medals--I
was thinking about the purple heart. The wound is mentioned--date and
engagement--in his discharge papers, which I have. He was bitter about the
war and Wilson's promises, so maybe he never applied, but I would like to
find out about it.
Also, are the unit histories available anywhere? Officers were supposed to
write up every engagement, so I've always hoped it would be possible to
read about the actions that relatives participated in (their units are
mentioned in the discharge paper). Another uncle claimed he only guarded
prisoners, but at the same time he was gassed. WW I veterans, who are
mostly gone now, were always reluctant to talk about their experiences.

Jules Levin

A possible source of information would be American Jewish Committee, Office
of War. Records, 1918-1921....

Also the National Museum of American Jewish Military...

Also one may write to "National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel
Records, 9700 PageAvenue, St. Louis, MO 63132-5100, And for additional
information visit:

Good Luck
Bob Roudman
San Rafael, CA

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