the route from Siberia to Israel #general

zemi <mmz@...>

HI group
Might not sound like gen. though I am searching for anyone who knew my dad
or his family.
Mordechai MENDLOWICZ left KOVEL in 1942, red army, coal mine in Kozhas
Siberia, Kemerovo province.
1946''Hanoar Hazioni'' in Bitom,
Instructors course in Byelava in poland,
1947''Bein Gvulot Bein Harim'' >from Poland to Genoa Italy ,
Haapala on ship ''Hatikva'' to Haifa ,
Then on British destroyer to Cyprus.
If you know your parents or relatives did this jurney or part of it then we
are related in deed, it would be nice to know as I am an orphan in that respect
at the moment.
Zelick Mendelovich

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