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Texas was not a theater of the Spanish American War. It was a theater of the
Mexican American war and there were Jews in that as well as the Texas

The Spanish American War was fought mostly in places like the Philippines and
Puerto Rico and Cuba.

My grandfather was stationed in Corrigador just after the turn of the
century. He was >from Romania and got citizenship by joining the military. His
brother was a Veterinarian and ended up marrying the daughter of one of the Jewish
officers who was actually born in the Phillipines. My great uncle became a
career officer in the US Army. The Jewish War Veterans Post in San Francisco is
named for his son, a naval officer killed aboard a ship in WWII (He was
named for my great great grandfather Braila, Romania)

The point is that there were Jews in every American War including the Spanish
American War as well as the Mexican American War.

Philip Leonard

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With typing in the surname of your relative, you should get some help. Since
the late 19th C. was very close to the time of immigration to U.S. there is
no reason to believe that many who were >from nations other than England or
France would be referred to as Romanians. People today still refer to others
by their ethnic descendancy. And Jews were in this country since the 17th
C. why wouldn't they be soldiers?

Texas was one of the largest theaters of the Spanish American War. Have I
checked out Sam Houston's descendancy? No? But he could have been a
lantsman!? Good luck. >>>

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