chisineau death records #general

Marilyn F <mrl516@...>

I know that my relative, Suri Milgrom, died on September 25, 1906 in
Kishinev.I am looking >from someone in Kishinev who has Chevra Kedusha
records >from Kishinev or who is familiar with cemetary records in Kishinev
who can help me determine who Suri's parents were and where she was buried.
I found out information about her death >from the All Romania database. Hers
is record 433, microfilm 2292607, item 2, Fond 211/11/84. I would also like
to find out if her daughters were buried in the same cemetary. One daughter
was married to a Lerner. One was married to a Steinberg.I believe Suri was
born in Tulchin in the Ukraine. Thanks to anyone who can help me. Marilyn

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