Re: Chichago Masonic Lodges #general

Sam Schleman <Samara99@...>


In order to obtain records about a member of the Masons you need to know the
lodge to which he belonged. Masonic records are kept by lodge. If the sister
does not know the lodge name and number, you should try to find his obituary
in the local paper, where an obit may have been submitted by his lodge.

With this information you can submit a written request for a copy of the
records. There is a fee.

For more information suggest you do a search for the main lodge or Masonic
organization for Chicago. Further info may be available on their web site.

Masonic records may or may not contain information about place of birth,
relatives, etc.

Happy hunting,


Have anyone know if one can obtain information about a Jewish
member of a Chicago Masonic lodge who died in 1922. His daughter
is still living .

If so how ?


Aubrey Jacobus

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