Re: Uriah P Levy - 1st Jewish Commodore of US Navy #general

Sal & Ellen Barbieri <elsal@...>

USNA in Annapolis, MD is currently building a 38,000sq ft Jewish Center &
Chapel to be named for Levy. Go to & enter Levy Chapel. It was
tentatively scheduled to open in May 2005. Those in WDC/ MD area might be
interested in following up on this. USNA Public Affairs Office (410)

My interest: I did a family tree for a cousin's 90th birthday present 2 yrs
ago & my cousins grandfather's sister Sophie Cerf Levy was married to Uriah
P Levy, the nephew of the Commodore. They appear in Malcolm Stern's book
"First American Jewish Families: 600 Genealogies 1654-1988" 3rd Edition 1991
pg 159. Call # RGY/929/Stern. I researched the Texas branches of this family
& have additional names tha are not listed in book.
There is also an excellent book with alot of genealogical info on the
family - " Saving Monticello - The Levy Families Epic Quest to Rescue the
House that Jefferson Built" by Marc Leepson Call # 975.5482. The Commodore's
maternal grt-grandfather was in American Revolutionary War.
I have notes >from the book. A few tidbits: Bronze statue of Jefferson made
in France & located in Rotunda of US Capitol is inscribed >from Uriah P Levy
& a copy of statue is in Rotunda of NY City Hall. Portraits of Uriah P Levy
are in USNA Museum & NYC Democratic Club, a chapel is named for him at US
Naval Base in Norfolk, VA & a destroyer escort USS Levy is named for him.
Other books:
" The Levy Family & Monticello 1834-1923 " by Melvin Urofsky Call #
" Rebels & Reformers: Biographies of 4 Jewish Americans" by Eisman Call #
Other books are listed in bibliographies of all 3 books.
You can put Uriah P Levy on & get alot of info.
Ellen Barbieri
San Diego, CA

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