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I am searching (eternally_ for NADWORNY (Odessa) descendents. I have a
great deal of information but of course there are still gaping holes:

The following are all Odessa marriages that I know of for my family:
Genya-Ruchlya (b. 1891) m. Beniamin Duvidovich ODESSKY (b.1887) 1911

Mariam m. (b. 1892-4?)Shulim Chaimovich NEPOM(N)YATSHY (Voznesensk) 1911.
(His brotheris Nusim Chaimov married to Rebecca. They had a son, Shlomo

Ruchel (b.1899) married Chima-Pinchas Moishe-Z? YUFA (1891) in 1916

Menya (b. 1901 ) m. Falik FLEISHER (1896) in 1920

Leah Chaimovna (1883) m. Srul Avrumovich BENDERSKY (b.1879 Ladyzhin) 1903

Rivke Chaimovna b. 1879 m. Berko Avrumovich FURMAN 1901

I was told by the Brazilian branch of my family that their father came over
(1908) to live with a sister and her husband who had emigrated to
Argentina. He later moved to Argentina. I cannot determine who that sister
was -- and I've searched the cemetery indices, death certificates, CEMLA,
etc., online phonebooks, etc. There is only one sister, Sosya (Sofia)
whose marriage info I don't have and, in Argentina, there is a Sofia
NADWORNY de PEKER buried and I have her death certificate but it is not a
clear match.

I have contacted folks on the JGFF with no clear results either.

If any of you have relatives with the above surnames (and the woman's given
name) who went to Argentina about 1906 or so I would be thrilled to hear
from you.
Anita Citron
Hicksvilles, NY
Searching: NADWORNY everywhere, anywhere

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