whilst on the subject of Pesach #general

Berman <bermanfm@...>

At the end of the meal, during our seder, each person is given a piece
of the afikomen. We have inherited a custom of shaping the afikomen
into small circles by biting round our own individual piece until each
participant at the seder has created a small round circle >from the
afikomen. This, we are told protects each person >from anything bad
during the coming year, especially having a robbery in the house. We
keep the circles >from one year to the next.

This is a custom that has been passed down for many generations >from my
husband's maternal grandparents' family who came >from Baranov and
Kolbuchow. The family name is Feingold.

Does anyone else know about this custom?

Kathryn Berman, Jerusalem, Israel

LIPKIN, Zagare, Lithuania
FEINGOLD, Kolbuchow, Baranow.
BAKOVSKY, FRIZHINSKY, Mariampole, Valkavishkis, Lithuania
LICHTENSTEIN, Kecerovce Pecklany, Hungary/Slovakia

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