GORDON from Lithuania to Britain #general

Paul Prescott

Change of name:
Can anyone provide any information about how I can
trace my family who came to Britain >from Lithuania
about 1886. My grandfather Louis or Lewis GORDON
came to Britain >from Lithuania with his brothers
around 1886, aged 11 years. One brother was several
years older and was named Simon. On Simon’s religious
marriage certificate, he is named Joshua, son of Jacob
Zeev and has a brother who was unable to be present
named Noach Haim.

Louis appears in the 1901 English census and Simon in
the 1891 and 1901 English censuses. There is no trace
of Noach. I have searched the Hamburg ships passenger
lists and passport information at LDS and
naturalisation records at PRO and found nothing. I
have combed the Ellis Island records for Noach. I
have also combed the internet and sent countless
emails and letters asking for help with my search. The
Vilnius Archives have twice asked me for more
information. The very information I was seeking from

My father (deseased) said their name was changed to
Gordon on arrival in Britain and that their original
name was BEN SHIMON LEV. No records were kept of
changes of name for that period. My father said the
brothers came >from a little place in Lithuania called
Reshen (English pronunciation). We have also been told
that Jacob zeev was a farmer or cattle rearer, which
suggests that they lived in an agricultural area in
Susan Prescott
email avaroot@yahoo.co.uk
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