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In response to Bridget's message (below), I used Morse's Missing Manifest search engine in conjunction with his Ship's List engine. Entering "New York" and the date of arrival on the "Ship's List" form took me to the start of the frames showing manifests for the New York. I skipped around looking for line numbers that approximated the line number listed in the Text Manifest on the EIDB. Thanks to my new computer and cable connection, it didn't take long to find "Mc Turket" (which is obviously a misreading of the handwritten name) as the second entry on Frame 1090. By the way, the manifest shown on the EIDB is incorrectly linked to the wrong ship for this passenger.

The URL for this manifest is

Cut and paste all 3 lines of this URL into the address box of your browser.
It will take you the first frame of the manifests. Change the frame number
to 1090 and you will have it.
At 02:00 AM 4/26/2005, Bridget wrote:

I've found a relative of mine's ship passenger record on the Ellis Island
Database, but I cannot find the scanned manifest for him, using the EIDB or
the Morse One-Step web pages. Can anyone else help me find the manifest?

He is listed as Mc Turket, immigrating to the U.S. on the New York, sailing
from Southampton to New York, arriving April 19, 1897, 27 years old, with
his last residence being Russia. His Ellis Island Passenger ID number is
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