Re: JACOBS from Riga #general

Pavel Bernshtam

Many Riga jews came to Riga >from Courland since 1840s.
So try to find JACOBS in Courland documents.

ds.files wrote:

I am trying to trace the Jacobs family >from Riga.
My great grandparents were Mandel & Sarah Jacobs.
Their children were Oscar, Morris, Isadore, William, Rudolpf and Mary.
Oscar, Morris, William and Rudolpf immigrated to the U.S. at various times
through Canada. When they were to go into the Russian Army they took leave
and immigrated. (not proven)
Mandel, Sara, Isadore and Mary came in through Ellis Island.
My grandfather Oscar was born in Friedrickstad, Russia 19, Sept., 1873
We just recently discovered there was another daughter who stayed in Latvia,
although she sent her children to the United States. I have yet to find
them. She was killed in a concentration camp. I want to find her and bring
her back to the family.
The family originally came >from Germany to Russia probably during one of
the great migrations. They raised cattle in Germany and the story goes
that they were meat cutters for the Czar in Russia. None of this has been
Sandra Jacobs Files

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