FASS #general

dotvic <dotvic@...>

I've tried for almost thirty years to get records >from Poland with no
success. Now, I finally was able to find birth registries for five of my
grandmother's siblings! Thanks to JRI-Poland.

And thanks to all those who made it possible.

Dorothy AUERBACH Rivers

Auerbach - Polotsk, Belaruse and Riga, Latvia Bergstein - Ulanov, Poland
Fass - Tyczyn, Poland - Chodorov Feldman - Tyczyn, Poland - Chodorov
Fellenbaum - Tyczyn, Poland Hirsohn - Belarus and Riga, Latvia
Katz - Tyczyn, Poland Lohack - Riga, Latvia
Maurer - Ulanov and/or Mielec, Poland

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