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Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

Let me provide a minor supplement to a part of Alex Sharon's
informative message

"Alexander Sharon" <> wrote in message

Below information is extracted >from "Slownik Geograficzny Krolewstwa

In 1880, village had 58 houses and 306 residents - 300 people were
within the parish Ujazd, 5 were residents of the manor (landowner), and
person lived on the village outskirts.

RC parish church was located in Rohatyn and GC church in the nearby
[Jewish places of worship are traditonally not provided by Polish

Gundacker's "Gazetteer of the Former Galicia and Bukowina" indicates that
this was one of some six places in Galicia that were called Ujazd. The
Jewish community to which this Ujazd belonged in the mid- to late- 19th
century was Rohatyn. That would have been the place where Jewish births,
mariages and deaths in Ujazd were recorded, at least after the
responsibility for Jewish metrical records was removed >from the Catholic
parish churchs.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

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