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Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

The ShtetlSeeker indicates that Maliyevtsy is at coordinates 49 degrees
North and 27 degrees East. This location was in the Russian Empire during
the 19th century, not in Austria. (It may be worth noting that it would have
been only a short distance east of the Russian border with the Austrian
province of Galicia.)

If Melovitz was in Austria before WWI, then Melovitz is not Maliyevtsy.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY (Rochester Area)

"Bob Wexler" <> wrote in message
A paternal great-grandmother's death certificate (Rochester, NY 1935)
lists > her place of birth as Melovitz, Austria. She was born in either 1860 (55
yo> on 1915 NY State Census) or 1869 (>from death certificate). The informant
was a son-in-law.
As her son, my gf lists his place of birth as Lenitz (Ilintsy?), Kiev,
Russia on his 1922 Petition for Naturalization, and I have a birth record
from Odessa listing him as a citizen of Shpola, I used the JewishGen
ShteltSeeker and selected Maliyevtsy as the most likely candidate for the
current town name.

Is "Melovitz" actually Maliyevtsy, or would another town be more likely?
Bob Wexler
South Wales, NY (Buffalo area)

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